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How to hide cuts?

First, I'm slightly masochistic so please, don't suggest counseling, unless you TRULY mean it. Everyone time someone does i feel really bad...
Okay, I put cuts on my legs and on my hand, my upper arm. They are really easy to see. Especially the legs, I decided to put a heart with my Band Crush in it. All of them are really red. My mom already noticed my hand, which I said were scars because I've been caught before. And please, if you have an answer, tell me how to tell my parents about why I cut. I'm perfectly happy, I have a wonderful friend, and the music I listen to makes me feel safe, and secure. It's just that it makes me feel good. Please help.
I know you really want to know how to hide your cutting and the last thing you want to hear is that you need to see a counselor but you really shouldn't be cutting. Your body is a gift to you from God and He loves you. You should not be cutting your body. Would you want to see a precious baby with little cuts and wounds - no because that would tear your heart up to see that. Well, you are just as precious and shouldn't be wounded or damaged either. When you parents look at you and see those wounds they see the baby they brought home hurt and it tears them up.

I have to say that during college I went thru a deep depression and I cut myself. I carry those light scars to this day. There is something driving you to cut yourself and it is not healthy. The word says that, "The thief came to steel, kill, and destroy but Christ came that you can have life and life more abundantly." There is a spirit driving you to cut yourself but God loves you and doesn't want that for you.

If you are truly happy then put that energy into beautiful works of art that can be shared and treasured. If you specifically like the cutting into something then try etching. You can get plexiglas and use a etching tool or strong pin and etch creative and fantastic designs. You can try wood block designs or working in clay. Find a healthy outlet for your feelings and desires.
You need professional help...get counselling...cutting is NOT normal...
My sister is a cutter and she has told me that it makes her feel better. As a release for all the pent up anger and pain inside her.
And although it may make you feel bad, therapy really is the way to go with this. Talk to your parents, tell them you have a problem and would really like their support while you deal with it. Go see a counsellor, they will you to get to the bottom of why you cut and will help you to be able to vocalise your feelings better too.
I hope you can stop soon, it's really hard for families to watch their loved ones hurt themselves.
I'm sorry, but it sounds to me like you're just another victim of this "fad." It seems to me that this emo-fixated group of teenagers needs to get hit by a real dose of life.

As for your darlin, you need to stop. You're not accomplishing anything by following the crowd of kids who cut themselves to get respect from the cool kids, and prove how alienated and troubled they are.

Stop it. Just be yourself, and don't let other people dictate how you live your life.
Well, you see, I used to do it and I have hundreds of scars over my arms and legs to prove it. Barely any unharmed skin there, but I was never caught. Simply cover it up. Make up an excuse not to go swimming, wear shorts and in the summer? You're parents got A/C? Well this is what you do, go 'goth' say it's too cold inside and refuse to go outside in the day time because your beautfil white skin will be damaged! Be creative and don't cut your hands for shite sake. That's just begging for attention.
okay, well first of all, cutting isn't the answer, and trust me, i know from experience (i'm still struggling with cutting, anorexia, and depression as well). i know you've heard that a million times before. but it never hurts to hear it a million and one. (and yes, i do fel like a hypocrite. but just because i have difficulty taking my own advice doesn't mean that i've given up).
as far as hiding them goes, the ones on your hand have already been seen, so it's no use hiding them. but wear jeans and 3/4 length shirts (or short sleeves if they cover them) if you can. i am by no means saying this to allow you to keep cutting, but i know sometimes you can't face telling people the truth yet.
and in explaining to your parents, let me just say this. they might not understand. they might be scared. BUT they will always love you and will want to help you through this. it might help to write down your feelings beforehand and gather your thoughts before you tell them. it's also ok to tell them that u don't really even understand why you do it, but that u just really need their help right now.
counselling may not sound that great, but i'm going to it right now, and honestly, if it weren't for my dr, i'd be dead by now.

hope this helps some! take care and God bless!
There is no easy way to tell your parents. Just tell them you have to tell them something important and let them know you need them. You definitely need to talk with a professional and if you can't bring yourself to speak with your parents go to someone else first and let them help you with your parents. You have to do it if you want some help. Good luck.
you say you are happy and secure, but cutting yourself is abusive and hurtful to your body and soul. if someone you loved was cutting herself/himself, what would you tell them? you don't have to cut yourself to to feel alive, you can feel alive without feeling pain. whether you go to your parents or not, treat yourself with kindness.
your parents probably know about this, but are at a loss at dealing with it the 'right way.'
let them help you, or find someone you trust who can. you don't have to go through this alone. there are also many people with this problem who are now healthy and free from this. turn to someone for help. wouldn't you want that for someone you loved?
Cutting is a way of realeasing pain and also finding power over something such as your body. This is not healthy and you need to tell your parents by requesting help because this is unhealthy.
I'm not gonna tell you go to therapy cuz I have and it didn't do anything but take my parents money. As far as hiding the scars go, use makeup and cover up the scars, they'll still show, but not as bad, they'll just look like they've been there a while. I cut right now, and the teacher saw on my arm today, cuz I cut on top of my arm instead of my wrists, cuz it's easier to make up excuses if it's on top of your arm. I just said my cat did it, and my friend backed me up, really thinking that it was the cat. So yeah, use makeup, try long sleeves, or do like that girl in Thirteen did and use bracelets and wristbands to cover it up.
cutting your hand is going to be very obvious, so if you want to hide it don't cut your hand. to hide cuts on your upper arms wear t-shirts with longer sleeves. with the cuts on your legs, the easiest way is to wear trousers. i'm not very good at hiding cuts - i've started cutting my side where my ribs are so that the cuts aren't seen, as anywhere else is pretty obvious. but i wear wristbands which can help in hiding cuts. about telling your parents i've no idea i'm afraid - i didn't tell my parents, but when my dad noticed the cuts he got really angry at me and really shouted at me - needless to say i carried on cutting and haven't dared to ask for help - he doesn't kno i do it still coz now i'm really careful to hide it.

Really, if you can you need to try and reduce the amount of cutting and eventually stop. atm i'm trying to reduce the amount i cut, trying to find alternatives (see my question on alternatives for some answers) because i'm getting more and more scars. if you want to talk about it then email me.

Stay strong, stay safe.
Cutting...You Might Be Depressed.
Because You Sound Pretty Happy But Why Do You Cut.
Are You Hiding SOmething
you really need to talk with a counselor about this self-mutilation is not normal its actually hiding something you are
not dealing with consciously/subconsiously and they would be the best to determine what is going on. good luck and yes i sincerely mean you need to see someone.
Please get some help, you know in your heart this isn't normal
Cutting yourself is an emotional outlet, it metaphorically let you release emotions that mb are overwhelming you and/or unable to express. Talking to someone may help you find the answer to that. Also, cutting yourself can be an addictive high, it releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) that allows a temporary high. I suggest talking to someone. Therapy is great because its non judgmental and confidential. Also, try replacing the cutting with a more positive activity like running or exercising. this causes a runners high, releasing the same hormones. Also, if anxiety or stress is a factor in your behavior, exercise can help with that. However, if you are depressed, you need to see a doctor, you never know if have a vitamin defiency causing unbalanced hormones or another medical condition. What ever you do, seek help. Tell your parents you dont know why you do it and that you need to see a doctor. And use your gut instincts, if you feel something is wrong, pursue the problem until you find the answer.
you selfish have no idea what doing that to yourself makes others who care about you feel! do you get it, your not only hurting yourself but anyone around you who cares. just stop it! get attention some other way just not like that!
its a world where normal things arent appreciated that easily and cutting yourself might be a step ahead to find the respect you had been longing from your surrounding .take it cool. scars might not give the same meaning as you have now.times change .since you have already done it leave it to that level and dont proceed ahead as it might look too ugly and antisocial.if you feel uncomfortable hide it beneath your clothes and take it easy .even if somebody sees it and comment nastly ,turn towards your private space and forget about time is ready you can get rid of those scars permanently via plastic surgery .very minute scars might be left out which wont be visible unless with very close look


  1. Im a cutter i totally disagree with what everyone is saying , im getting help but its hard mean while , use braclets cut ur chest upper theigh easily hidden places , use gloves , wear jackets , make duct tape braclets say its a fad hope i could help :))

    1. I hope your not saying cutting is fad , i hope you mean the braclets. Bc if you think cutting is cute ; please seek help.

  2. All these people.. Saying these things. Wow, pitiful. You can't stop cutting, I know because I do too. Therapy doesn't help, it makes it worse. Been there, done that. But, hide your cuts with lots of bracelets or thin jackets or shorts. Cut your upper thigh, inside of your upper arm, etc. Don't do it on your hand, because that's just a bit too obvious. But I hope I helped.♥



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