Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to kill myself without pain?

How would i go about killing myself without anypain?
put your mouth around a .44 and pull it. you won't know you was ever even here. i am not advising you to do this, i am just answering your question. (edit.) look, i know what it is like to be so fuked up and crazy, hallucinating my brains out, living dangerously with no higer purpose, just finding a safe place to sleep, so don't judge me for daring to answer this persons question. to the one who asked this question, i say this...we are all going to die one day, and right now maybe that is the only thing worth taking comfort in. i've known many people who have tried to kill themselves, and it didn't work. and there's no reason in hell that they should be alive, but they are. and i know others who have died, and it should not have been that sunk my heart when i heard the news. but i will not judge you. people say things get better, and they do. and sometimes they get alot worse before they get better. it is like getting knocked the hell down and hard, and each time you attempt getting back up, you get slammed back down again, even harder. i know, cuz i lived that way for YEARS. and slowly things are getting better. i never dreamed that one day i'd even own a computer, and i haven't had it long. but wether rich or poor, none of us are immune to life's obstacles. in western culture sucide is not something that we will ever accept as valid. but other cultures don't see suicide as the unforgiveable sin that we do. i know that even though my life is still hard and i still feel crazy and in pain, i am glad to be alive. WILL TO POWER.
Don't do it here. Go talk to a therapist and quit asking for attention.
Pills and jumping of a building.
and what about the pain of those u leave behind.
Please talk to someone before you attempt suicide.
There is no way to kill yourself without pain. Even if you don't experience physical pain think of the emotional pain you leave to your friends and loved ones. Please if you are considering doing such a thing seek help immediately.
buy a cute little puppy and watch it play, cuddle it, and love it. it'll kill you with it's cuteness i promise. you shouldn't kill yourself.
take care.
Put a gun in your mouth, press the the barrel deep enough , and just when you get the gag reflex...see , it's over. and you did not feel anything! Try it!
Well sadlittlepiggy, this is one kind of question i do not answer. It is better for you to go and see an professional about the way you are feeling. Call your local crisis line, and talk with them. Go to the nearest ER at your local hospital, or even call up the police and talk to them about how u are feeling. Some of them will just come and sit with you and not take you in. So instead of thinking about taking your life, how about start thinking about living your life to the fullest, cause their are a lot of childern, and people out there, that do not have long to live, and they would love to have the time you have. So make the best of your time here on earth, instead of trying to think of a way to die.. Now if someone is abusing you, go and get some help, so that that person, or persons can not hurt you any more. Life is worth living, give it another try.
Anyway will be painful. Killing yourself is not easy as your body won't give up that easily. If you botch it up you could be severly physically disabled. Talk to somebody and get help. Things can and most often do get better.

Please do not kill yourself!!! I struggled w/suicide for 23 years... I was abused, abandoned, homeless, and soooo sick. I was not diagnosed w/severe zinc deficiency %26 hyperuricemia %26 diabetes when I needed to be so I struggled w/the pain, the drama, the confusion, the depression... I take every day as it comes, but now I don't struggle w/suicide ever anymore and I wanna live my life...

Even if it's not for how you live, suicide will cause you to suffer in death, even a painless death. You do not want your soul to stay here, right? Are you not just looking to end the pain?

PLEASE write me if you don't have anyone else to go to. I totally understand not having anyone there, but I guarantee that you will want to live with a different viewpoint. pls let me help you find a way...
First off you need help. Call the suicide prevention hotline or crisis center near you. But if you must know, carbon monoxide. Close up the garage, shove a potato up the exhaust pipe and start the car. It takes about 20 min and it's like falling asleep.
Live happily. Life is so beautiful and a rare blessing why do u want to lose it aimlessly. It is a cowardly act. Just give auto suggestion to urself before going to bed and things will definitely improve - " I am happy and successful in life and I thank God for his grace" repeat at least five times before sleeping and it will work throughout the night. In the morning also say " Thank u God for loving me" 5 times and get on with ur routine. God is kind that is why u r getting this suggestion, he loves u as u r and there is no ditch so deep that is beyond the hand of God. Surrender to him and he will lift u up.
There is no way to kill yourself without pain.

Everytime a person dies especially of suicide it is extremely painful. And as you die time stands still for the dying 1 second can seem like an eternity.
Killing yourself is the most selfish thing a person can do.

You REALLY need to think about this. I don't care how screwed up you think your life is, there is someone (probably several someones at least) who love you very, very much and if you kill yourself they will spend the rest of their lives wondering why you did it and punishing themselves for not being able to stop you or help you. If you have children, (whether you have a close relationshipwith them or not) your suicide will affect every aspect of their adult lives and it's almost a guarantee that they will wind up just as miserable or more so than you are now. If you have siblings they will torture themselves with your death, convinced they are bad or stupid because they didn't see your pain and weren't able to do anything to help you.

You will be hurting the people you love the most and who love you the most. For their sake, if for no other reason, seek another solution to your problems.

Things change, you know.

In a month or in a year you may feel very differently than you do now. Things may be a lot better or you may find yourself in a significantly different situation than the one you are in now and you maybe very, very glad you decided to hang in there. You may at least consider making a deal with yourself to put off killing yourself for a month or three and see how you feel then because life is a riot of unpredictable events, coincidences and luck and you may be just around the corner from a wonderful occurrance.

Give it a chance, someone is waiting for you!
when you get the answer let me know.


  1. i want to kill my self alone and talking to people on here reminds me y i should

    1. same here even me .....
      but im not able to do that...
      any good suggestions???/

  2. yea ima do it today if this is ever founed i love all my kids and ........alexis u could have stoped this ..ive tryed to tell u talk to u love u but nothing but lonelyness i had fun with u last night..i love u good buy

  3. i hate my family,they are horrible,my fathers eleder brother is taking over the whole company,and my father don't have work,and my mom is always angry,whenever i just want to talk to her,she scolds me and put a lot of pressure on me,like learning language and everything about language and maths
    the worse thing she did is,she stopped me using my phone,cut my pocket money,no going out with boyfriend and she even ask my boyfriend to break up with me and she make a lie to my boyfriend that i have more boyfriend other then him,she said that he is just like a toy to me.
    although you said that we would suffer,but i rather suffering in my afterlife better from here,more then staying with my family,i hate them.

  4. I want to kill myself cause I am a nuisance to my family. They want to lock me away in a funny farm then deal with me. I lost my kids to stupidity and can't get them back. My boyfriend feels sorry for me, that's why he's around. I hate my life. I feel like everyone better off. My kids have made do without me so me killing myself they wouldn't pay attendtion. THere is no one who would truly miss me if I killed myself.

  5. I am sucg a disappoibtment to everyone. My sister and I fight constibtly she is 20 and i am a minor. She yells at me and beats me up. I do not want to live my life is gettibg worse and worse. Every since I was 9 i would dream about the day that I would die. I hate myself more and more each day I am a waste of a life. I just wish some can kill me because I can't. I tried but failed

  6. why do we have to constantly live through pain

  7. Best method: kill yourself, while masturbating and hanging slowly at the same time

  8. I rlly just want to erase my existence from the face of the earth. Ii literally don'y get the point in me being here anymore. I have no friends or ppl that rlly care about me, so no problem in having to worry about someone being sad over the fact that I'm gone. All I do is make the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again. I'm done living with my stupid shit head self, and just want to rid everyone of the burden that I am.

  9. I just hate my self. I'm always in pain my neck and shoulder are killing me. I'm owe a lot of money and I have no life and nothing to look forward for. Im also going bald and look horrible.
    There's nothing I can do about that

    1. I think about killing my self every day of my life



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